Elementary is an open-source data observability solution for modern data teams.
Monitor your data warehouse in minutes, and be the first to know of data issues. Gain immediate visibility, monitor your data and operation, detect data issues, and understand the impact and root cause.
  • Data anomalies monitoring as dbt tests Continuous monitoring of data quality metrics, freshness, volume and schema changes, including anomaly detection, configured and executed as dbt tests.
  • Data lineage made simple, reliable, and automated
    Tracing the actual upstream & downstream dependencies in the data warehouse.
  • Operational monitoring
    Monitor the operations of your data stack, and centralize metadata easily. Collect dbt artifacts, run and test results as part of your runs.
  • Slack alerts Get informative notifications on data issues, schema changes, jobs and tests failures.

Quick start

​Quick start: Data monitoring as dbt tests in minutes. (Not a dbt user? you can still use Elementary data monitoring, reach out to us on Slack and we will help).

Data anomalies monitoring as dbt tests

Elementary delivers data monitoring and anomaly detection as dbt tests. Elementary dbt tests are data monitors that collect metrics and metadata over time. On each execution, the tests analyze the new data, compare it to historical metrics, and alert on anomalies and outliers. Elementary data monitors as tests are configured and executed like native tests in your project!


Data anomalies monitoring as dbt tests - demo video.
Data lineage - try out our sandbox here.
Elementary monitoring Slack alert example


You can impact our next features in this roadmap by voting πŸ‘ to issues and opening new ones.
Our plan is to eventually build a data reliability platform that is open, transparent and powered by the community. A solution that data teams could easily integrate into their workflows, detect data incidents and prevent them from even happening in the first place.
We are working on Datasets monitoring, Lineage history, Column level lineage, Full lineage, and more.

dbt package

For the data monitoring and dbt artifacts collection, we developed a dbt package. The monitoring configuration is configured in your dbt project, and the monitors are dbt macros and models.
elementary dbt package lineage graph

Community & Support

For additional information and help, you can use one of these channels:
​Slack (live chat with the team, feature requests, community support, discussions, etc.)
​GitHub (bug reports, contributions)
Roadmap (Vote for features and add your inputs)
​Twitter(updates on new releases and stuff)
Email us (about whatever)


Ask us for integrations on Slack or as a Github issue.


Elementary is licensed under Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file for licensing information.
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