With Elementary you can monitor your data pipelines in minutes, in your dbt project.

Gain immediate visibility to your jobs, models runs and test results. Detect data issues with freshness, volume, anomaly detection and schema tests. Explore all your test results and data health in a single interface and understand impact and root cause with rich lineage. Distribute actionable alerts to different channels and owners, and be on top of your data health.

Start by deploying the dbt package, and then setup Elementary Cloud or Elementary OSS.

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Quick start

How it works?

In your dbt project, you install the Elementary dbt package. The package will collect metadata and run results to a dedicated Elementary schema. You can use elementary tests in your dbt project, configured just like native dbt tests.

Elementary Cloud or Elementary CLI will connect to your data warehouse, read from the Elementary schema, and present the results in the UI / alerts.

Community & Support

For additional information and help, you can use one of these channels:

  • Slack (live chat with the team, support, consult with us, etc.)
  • GitHub issues (bug reports, feature requests, contributions)
  • Twitter (updates on new releases and stuff)

Contributing to Elementary

Thank you 🧡 Whether it’s a bug fix, new feature, or documentation changes - we greatly appreciate contributions!

Check out the contributions guide.