We recommend you install Elementary CLI using one of the following methods:

Install Elementary CLI

To install the monitor module run:

pip install elementary-data

Run one of the following commands based on your platform (no need to run all):

pip install 'elementary-data[snowflake]'
pip install 'elementary-data[bigquery]'
pip install 'elementary-data[redshift]'
pip install 'elementary-data[databricks]'
pip install 'elementary-data[athena]'
pip install 'elementary-data[trino]'
## Postgres doesn't require this step

Run edr --help in order to ensure the installation was successful.

If you're receiving command not found: edr please check our troubleshooting guide.

Install from source

Install Elementary directly from GitHub source:

git clone https://github.com/elementary-data/elementary
pip install ./elementary

Validate installation

To validate the installation and get usage instructions for the CLI run:

edr --help

CLI configuration

Elementary CLI requires a connection profile to connect to DWH. Additional configuration is made on config.yml:

  • Required: HOME_DIR/.dbt/profiles.yml - Connection details to the data warehouse, in the format of dbt connection profile named elementary.
  • Optional: HOME_DIR/.edr/config.yml - Elementary configuration.

(These default paths and names may be changed using the CLI options).