Before installing the CLI, make sure to complete the steps dbt package installation, including executing dbt run with the Elementary package models.

Configuring the Elementary Profile

In order to connect, Elementary needs a connection profile in a file named profiles.yml. This profile will be used by the CLI, to connect to the DWH and find the dbt package tables.

The easiest way to generate the profile is to run the following command within the dbt project where you deployed the elementary dbt package (works in dbt cloud as well):

dbt run-operation elementary.generate_elementary_cli_profile

Ensure that you fill in your password and any other missing fields after you paste the profile in your local profiles.yml file.

Copy the output, fill in the missing fields and add the profile to your profiles.yml. Here is a demonstration:

Elementary profile details and format

  • Path: HOME_DIR/.dbt/profiles.yml
  • Profile name: elementary
  • Schema name: The schema of elementary models, default is <your_dbt_project_schema>_elementary
## By default, edr expects the profile name 'elementary'.      ##
## Configure the database and schema of elementary models.     ##
## Check where 'elementary_test_results' is to find it.        ##

      type: snowflake
      account: [account id]

      ## User/password auth ##
      user: [username]
      password: [password]

      role: [user role]
      database: [database name]
      warehouse: [warehouse name]
      schema: [schema name]_elementary
      threads: 4

Install Elementary CLI

To install the monitor module run:

pip install elementary-data

Run one of the following commands based on your platform (no need to run all):

pip install 'elementary-data[snowflake]'
pip install 'elementary-data[bigquery]'
pip install 'elementary-data[redshift]'
pip install 'elementary-data[databricks]'
pip install 'elementary-data[athena]'
pip install 'elementary-data[trino]'
## Postgres doesn't require this step

Run edr --help in order to ensure the installation was successful.

If you're receiving command not found: edr please check our troubleshooting guide.

What’s next?

  1. Use the CLI to:
  2. Add data anomaly detection dbt tests 📈
  3. Deploy Elementary in production 🚀