Elementary OSS integrates with dbt core (1.3.0 and above) and dbt cloud, as long as the data warehouse is supported.

Both dbt core and cloud users need to deploy the dbt package first in the monitored project.

dbt core

After deploying the dbt package, use this guide to install the CLI, and add an elementary profile.

When you deploy to production, you could orchestrate the CLI on the same system you use for running dbt core.

dbt cloud

After deploying the dbt package, you will need to create a profiles.yml file on the machine you are using to run Elementary. This file contains the connection details for the CLI to access your DWH.

Here are the detailed steps for using Elementary on dbt cloud:

  1. Deploy dbt package in dbt cloud.
  2. Use the command dbt run-operation elementary.generate_elementary_cli_profile on the dbt cloud interface to generate a profile.
  3. Copy the profile to a file you create on the machine where you would run the CLI: ~/.dbt/profiles.yml
  4. Install the CLI and run edr from that machine.

Use to create the profile, this guide install the CLI, and run it.