November 28, 2022: v0.6.1 Python, v0.6.1 dbt package

🔥 What’s new?

  • Elementary is 10x Faster!!! ⚡️🏃‍

    • Report generation 10x Faster 💪
      • We improved our mechanism of collecting test samples, greatly reducing the time it takes to run a report!
    • Lineage screen 10x Faster 💪
      • Major improvements for large graphs!
    • On-run-end hook 10x Faster 💪
      • We now cache collected dbt artifacts locally and only upload them if they changed from the last run.
  • Support for showing test descriptions in both reports and alerts! 📃

💫 More changes

  • Test schema is no longer needed (e.g. the __tests schema is now optional).
  • AWS credentials for S3 automatically detected (via boto3) - Contributed by Por Heng! 🎉
  • Added query ID to dbt_run_results, model_run_results, and snapshot_run_results (currently supported for Snowflake only) - Contributed by Prabahar Kamatchirajan! 🎉
  • Added a flag of whether the invocation was the first or last of the day to model_run_results - Contributed by Ekaterina Khrushch! 🎉
  • Added a --quoting flag to the CLI to allow overriding the default dbt quoting settings in the CLI’s internal dbt package - Thanks Daniel Gaimster for reporting!

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Reduced the maximum query size on BigQuery to avoid “query too big” errors.
  • Fixed a bug that caused uploading the dbt invocations to crash.
  • Evaluate config args correctly by hierarchy even when they are False.

⭐️ Additional Contributions & Acknowledgements

  • Thanks Nabeel Zewail for making a first contribution, with the removal of compiled_code change.
  • Thanks Rochelle Smits for making a first contribution, adding the documentation for dbt_invocations.
  • Thanks Wojciech Kopacki for making a first contribution, with the documentation fix regarding running elementary’s models.
  • Thanks Stéphane Burwash for making a first contribution, and developing an Elementary extension for Meltano!