Unlike dbt and Elementary tests, the results of the command dbt source-freshness are not automatically collected. You can collect the results using Elementary CLI tool.

If dbt source freshness results are collected, they will be presented in the UI, and in alerts upon failure.

Collect source freshness failures

dbt core users

To alert on source freshness, you will need to run the following command:

edr run-operation upload-source-freshness --project-dir <path to your project>

The command needs to be executed after you run dbt source freshness and before executing edr monitor.

This operation will upload the results to a table, and the execution of edr monitor will send the actual alert.

  • Note that dbt source freshness and upload-source-freshness needs to run from the same machine.
  • Note that upload-source-freshness requires passing --project-dir argument.

dbt cloud users

The results can't be collected from dbt cloud. Here is a suggestion from an Elementary user for a solution you can implement.

Need help?

Reach out to the Elementary team to consult on implementing dbt source freshness collection as an Elementary Cloud user.