Detection & Coverage

Elementary integrates powerful anomaly detection and dbt tests into a unified detection strategy. Effective detection of data issues requires a comprehensive approach, including both pipeline and data monitoring, validation tests, anomaly detection for unexpected behavior, and a single interface to manage it all at scale.

Triage & Response

Detecting issues is just the first step to achieve data reliability. Elementary offers tools to create an effective response plan, for faster recovery. This includes investigating the root cause and impact of issues, communicating issues to the relevant people, assigning owners to fix issues, keeping track of open incidents and more.

Collaboration & Communication

The data team doesn’t live in a silo - you have many stakeholders. The only way to improve data trust is by bringing in more team members, users and stakeholders to the data health process. Elementary fosters collaboration by allowing you to easily share and communicate the status of issues, the overall health of the data platform and progress made to improve it with the broader organization.