Data tests report UI
Elementary has a UI for visualization and exploration of data from the dbt-package tables, which includes dbt test results, Elementary anomaly detection results, dbt artifacts, etc. After installing and configuring the CLI, execute the command:
edr monitor report
The command will use the provided connection profile to access the data warehouse, read from the Elementary tables, and generate the UI as an HTML file.
Data observability UI

Data tests

The report shows the latest result for each dbt or Elementary test that was executed in the last 1 / 7 / 30 days (depends on the filter on the top right). Initially, the report presents all tests, sorted by status (failures on top) and last run time. The grey header on the top of the screen shows the total amount of results of each status.
The navigation bar on left shows a folder structure of your dbt project. On the right of each model/source you can see the amount of each test result for the specific table. Choosing a specific model presents a report of the selected model only. The grey header details and status totals also change accordingly. On the top of the navigation bar, you will find filters to present only tests of the selected result status. The selection filters both the navigation bar and the report.

Tests results table

Each row in the table represents a single dbt test, or a single Elementary anomaly. The rows are expandable, and on expansion show information that can help understand and triage the result:
  • For Elementary anomaly tests - Anomaly detection graph, test attributes, query that returns the underlying metrics.
  • For dbt tests - Table with results sample, test params, error message, query that returns all the results.
  • For schema changes tests - detected schema changes.
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Data tests