After you connect your BI tool, Elementary will automatically and continuously generate dbt exposures to your dbt project. The exposures will provide you end-to-end data lineage that will also be made available in dbt docs and dbt cloud.

What are dbt exposures?

dbt exposures define and describe a downstream use of your dbt project, such as dashboard, workbook or application.

Why are automated exposures useful?

  • Impact analysis - The exposures will be added to your lineage in Elementary. You could explore which exposures are impacted by each data issue.
  • Exposure health - By selecting an exposure and filtering on upstream nodes, you could see the status of all it’s upstream models.
  • dbt docs enrichment - As the exposures are created in code, they will be made available in your dbt docs lineage as well.
  • dbt cloud change impact - If you develop in dbt cloud, you could visualize in your IDE the downstream exposures Elementary generates, and understand the impact of changes.

Supported BI tools

Elementary Cloud currently supports automatically generating exposures for: