In addition to distributing the report itself, you can send a report summary notification to Slack.

This is useful for you and your team members to understand quickly if there is something in the new report you should address.

  • Share via Slack: The summary is sent by default.
  • Hosting on S3 or GCS: You need to provide slack token and channel to in order to enable the Slack results summary.

Enabling report summary for hosted report

After you set up a Slack app and token you can run the following command:


edr send-report --aws-profile-name <AWS_PROFILE> --s3-bucket-name <BUCKET_NAME> --slack-token <SLACK_TOKEN> --slack-channel-name <CHANNEL_NAME> --update-bucket-website true


edr send-report --google-service-account-path <SERVICE_ACCOUNT_PATH> --gcs-bucket-name <BUCKET_NAME> --slack-token <SLACK_TOKEN> --slack-channel-name <CHANNEL_NAME>

A link to the hosted report is included in the summary, which can be accessed based on the permissions you have set on your hosting platform (AWS/GCS).

Report summary configuration

Filter results summary

You can filter your results summary by a specific tag, owner or model.

To filter by tag:

send-report selectors
edr send-report --select tag:finance
edr send-report --select config.meta.owner:@jeff
edr send-report --select model:customers
edr send-report --select customers