You can leverage Elementary to send Slack notifications on failures in dbt source freshness checks.

Since dbt 1.3.2 this collecting source freshness results is only supported in dbt core, not in dbt cloud.

Elementary data observability report currently does not show this results, only the results of Elementary freshness anomalies tests.

Alert on source freshness failures

Not supported in dbt cloud

To alert on source freshness, you will need to run the following command:

edr run-operation upload-source-freshness --project-dir <path to your project>

The command needs to be executed after you run dbt source freshness and before executing edr monitor.

This operation will upload the results to a table, and the execution of edr monitor will send the actual alert.

  • Note that dbt source freshness and upload-source-freshness needs to run from the same machine.
  • Note that upload-source-freshness requires passing --project-dir argument.