Some of your data is used downstream in dashboards, applications, data science pipelines, reverse ETLs, etc. These downstream data consumers are called exposures.

Elementary lineage graph presents downstream exposures of two origins:

  1. Elementary Cloud Automated BI integrations
  2. Exposures configured in your dbt project. Read about how to configure exposures in code.

Automated BI lineage


Elementary Cloud integrated with BI tools to automatically extend the lineage up to the dashboard level.

Supported BI tools:

Why are exposures useful?

  • Incidents impact analysis: You could explore which exposures are impacted by each data issue.
  • Exposure health: By selecting an exposure and filtering on upstream nodes, you could see the status of all it’s upstream datasets.
  • Change impact: Analyze which exposures will be impacted by a planned change.
  • Unused datasets: Detect datasets that no exposure consumes, that might be removed to save costs.