CLI Usage
Usage instructions for Elementary Data Lineage
After you successfully install Elementary Data Lineage, it's time to create your data lineage graph using the lineage CLI. In order to create the graph, you will need to define:
  • Connection profile - A file named profiles.yml containing the details required to connect to your data warehouse.
  • Permissions - The role defined in the connection profile needs to have permissions to access the source of queries. To understand the required permissions for each DWH, refer to the relevant integration.

Command example

# The tool is named edl (Elementary Data Lineage)
# Creates a lineage graph from queries executed between 2021-09-14 and current time,
# using the my_snowflake profile from ~/profiles_dir/profiles.yml
edl -s 2021-09-14 -d ~/profiles_dir -p my_snowflake
# Creates the graph without openning browser and exports the query history
edl -o false -h true -s 2021-09-14 -d ~/profiles_dir -p my_snowflake

CLI options

When running the CLI, the following options may / should be used:
  • Connection profile - arguments for providing connection profile details.
  • Timeframe filters - options for filtering the query history timeframe.
  • Dataset filters - options for filtering the datasets in the graph.
  • Others - additional execution options (table names, queries export, etc.).
The options for using the CLI, all available and documented also when using lineage --help

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