Data Warehouses

Elementary Databricks integration is supports:

  1. Installing the dbt package to upload dbt artifacts, test results and run results.
  2. Data observability report generation.
  3. Slack alerts on failures in models and tests.
  4. Anomaly detection tests.

Elementary schema changes tests are not supported yet.

Databricks connection profile

After installing Elementary’s dbt package upon running dbt deps, you can generate Elementary’s profile for usage with edr by running the following command within your project:

dbt run-operation elementary.generate_elementary_cli_profile

The command will print to the terminal a partially filled template of the profile that’s needed for edr to work. Fill in the missing authentication fields in the output and copy it to ~/.dbt/profiles.yml.

The profiles.yml file to connect to Databricks should contain a profile in the following format:

## By default, edr expects the profile name 'elementary'.      ##

      type: databricks
      host: [hostname, like <ID>]
      http_path: [like /sql/1.0/endpoints/<ID>]
      schema: [schema name]  # elementary schema, usually [schema name]_elementary
      token : [token]
      threads: [number of threads like 8]