November 3, 2022: v0.5.4 Python, v0.5.4 dbt package

🔥 What’s new?

  • Source freshness alerts 🥬🔔

    • Elementary now provides alerts for all dbt operations, including source freshness!
    • Here are the docs.
  • Artifacts are uploaded at on-run-end hooks ⚡️

    • You no longer need to run dbt run --select elementary on merge!
    • This will keep metadata up-to-date and avoid inconsistency with alerts and report.
    • We also made changes to the upload method to improve performance.
  • New dbt_invocations table 🆕⏱

    • Tracks run times, command, vars, selected_resources, dbt and Elementary versions
  • Improved report performance 📊

    • Based on your feedback, we invested a lot in performance improvements in the report to make it slick for big envs.
    • We are still improving the lineage screen, but this is already an improvement.
  • Improved lineage screen filters 🔽

⭐️ Contributions & Acknowledgements