February 8, 2023: v0.6.10 Python, v0.6.13 dbt package

🔥 What’s new?

  • Dashboard screen 📊👀

    • We added a new dashboard screen to the UI!
    • See a breakdown of your test results, tables health, monitored tables.
    • Understand the high level status and the trends over time.
    • You can also filter by tag / owner and get a dashboard view only of the tables that are relevant to you!
    • You can play with it in the demo.
      • Already working on making the graphs clickable to enable drill down (in the next version) 💪
  • Major on-run-end performance improvement ⚡️

    • We invested in reducing even more the impact of artifacts uploading on your runs.
    • The improvement is achieved with caching we implemented, to only upload artifacts if there is a change from the last run.
    • Note that this only works for dbt 1.4.0 and above (we made a contribution to dbt-core to support this).
  • dbt artifacts additions

    • New table dbt_seeds - A contribution by Franny Delaney, thank you so much 🤩
    • thread_id was added to run results tables, and dbt_user env var was added to dbt_invocations - Thank you Elias Gryp and Ayal Alon for suggesting these!

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed alerts duplications issue and email owners in Slack alerts - Thanks Josh Elston-Green for reporting both!
  • Fixed events tracking from the report are not disabled - Thanks Bendik Nesbo for reporting!
  • Fixed synonymous data types bug in schema changes from baseline test - Thanks Manish Ramrakhiani for reporting!
  • Fixed insert_rows failures on anomaly tests with small time buckets - Thanks Noam Moskowitz for reporting!
  • Fixed truncate param in CLI causing failures - Thank you Chintan Patel for contributing!
  • Fixes to our docs by Ed Bizarro and Oskar Elvkull - Thank you for contributing!