January 19, 2023: v0.6.7 Python, v0.6.11 dbt package

🔥 What’s new?

  • Postgres integration 🆕
  • Freshness anomalies monitoring improvements 🥬
    • We have split our freshness anomalies test into two different tests to better handle two common different use cases:
      • freshness_anomalies - monitors anomalies in the frequency of updates. Imagine a table that is being updated hourly and then all of a sudden this table wasn’t updated for 4 hours. Here you would probably use the updated_at/inserted_at column as an input for this test.
      • event_freshness_anomalies - monitors that the underlying data is up to date. Imagine an events table that is being updated hourly correctly but the events themselves are coming with a delay of 2 days from your production databases. Here, you would probably use the event_timestamp column as an input for this test.
    • Docs here

💫 More changes

  • Added compatibility with dbt’s upcoming release (1.4.0).
  • Following the breaking change we experienced in dbt 1.3.2, we’ve re-added the source freshness test support.
  • Added a few safety measures to make sure concurrent runs are always supported.
  • Thank you Emil Nilsson for adding the ability to choose a custom S3 endpoint to host the report when using edr cli (--s3-endpoint-url TEXT).
  • We updated the schema_changes_from_baseline test comparison to be case-insensitive. Thanks Manish Ramrakhiani for bringing this up!
  • Thank you Pratik Bothra, Clinton Adams and Benoit Turbang for helping us keep our documentation up to date and typos free 😊

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Resolved a race condition that sometimes caused a run failure (caused TestRunSchema.test_runs: None is not an allowed value error).
  • Fixed a bug where a test that always failed has the value 0% for ‘Fail Rate’. Thanks Jon Simpson for bringing this up!
  • Fixed a bug where where_expression was only implemented when a timestamp was defined. Thanks Ran Tibi for bringing this up!
  • Fixed UnicodeDecodeError error in Windows due to their default encoding.

As part of this version, we’ve invested in our testing infrastructure to ensure we’re able to keep moving fast and providing valuable features! 💪⚡