March 6, 2023: v0.7.5 Python, v0.7.3 dbt package

🔥 What’s new?

  • Grouped alert for test results by table 🤝🔔

    • Feeling overwhelmed by alerts on each failed test?
    • You can now add -group-by table to edr monitor and the table test results will be sent as one message.
    • Docs are here ; Pic attached 📸
    • This was requested by @Jake Beresford and @Ekaterina Khrushch
  • Add sum to column anomaly tests

    • You can now monitor anomalies on the sum of a numeric column.
    • Thanks tc-chrisbui for the contribution! 🤩
  • Add where_expression to Python tests 🟰

    • You can now filter the data you are testing in a Python test.
    • Thank you Oskar Elvkull for the contribution! 🤩

💫 More changes

  • Added dbt 1.5.0 support. 😎

🐞 Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in dimension_anomalies without a timestamp_column - Thanks @Amihay Gonen and @Alvin M for reporting!
  • Fixed a bug with anomaly monitors running on the wrong data type (only in 0.7.2) - Thanks again @Amihay Gonen!
  • Fixed problems in the numbers presented in the dashboard 🔢
    • Counting exposures as models - Thanks for reporting @Willi Mueller !
    • Classifying tests as the wrong kind of test - - Thanks for reporting @Jan Santora!
  • Fixed dashboard header sometimes having an empty timestamp - @Mohamed Omran thanks for reporting!