March 27, 2023: v0.7.6 Python, v0.7.4 dbt package

🔥 What’s new?

  • Custom test names are now supported! 🖌🎨
    • For every dbt test, you can provide an indicative name and Elementary will show it!
    • Here is an example:
  - accepted_values:
      values: ["ios", "android", "windows"]
      name: unexpected_operating_system
  • You can read more about the use cases from @Marta Massarotti and @Owen in the Github issue.

  • CLI improvements 💻😎

    • Target path for all edr files
      • We added a new -target-path flag for all the outputs to make it easier to maintain and deploy Elementary.
      • Thanks @Gemma Down for the issue and use case!
    • Added edr monitor debug command
      • This would help you debug connection and profile issues.

🐞 Bug fixes

📚 Reading list

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