June 1, 2023: v0.8.0 Python, v0.8.0 dbt package As this is a minor version bump, you need to run dbt run -s elementary

🔥 What’s new?

  • 🆕 Jobs info from Orchestrator 🆕

    • Elementary now supports collecting metadata about your jobs from your orchestration tool!
    • The goal is to provide context that is useful to triage and resolve data issues:
    • As a first step, you could filter the lineage by job in the Elementary report.
      • More orchestrator related features are coming soon 😎
    • Here is the guide for enabling jobs info collection..
  • You can now configure all test params in the project / model / test level 🤯

    • Why is it useful?
      • It enables you to tailor the tests to the dataset and get higher level of accuracy!
      • You can leverage inheritance, configure at a higher level (like folder of models) and save the need to configure by test.
    • Some examples:
      • You can set days_back: 90 to tests with time_bucket: period: week, and days_back: 7 to tests with time_bucket: period: hour .
      • You can set timestamp_column: updated_at in your dbt_project.yml if this is your convention, and override it for models where it’s different.
      • You can set seasonalitytime_bucket and timestamp_column at the source level, and it will apply for all the tests you add to tables of this source.
    • We also upgraded our documentation of the tests configuration and how the tests work, to make it clearer 😇

💫 More changes

  • Added materialization field to models run results, thank you @Aril Mavinkere for contributing! 🤩
  • Removed env from report summary.