1. Understand Elementary
  2. Slack alerts

Elementary has a Slack integration to send alerts about failures in dbt tests, Elementary tests, models runs and snapshots runs.

The alerts include information for fast triage. Also, you can add configuration for each test / model in your .yml files:

  • Custom channels - distribute alerts based on their context
  • Owners - tag the owner of the model
  • Subscribers - let users subscribe to models and tests they care about
  • dbt Tags - add custom context to the alert

In order to send Slack alerts after you deploy the dbt-package and configure tests, use the CLI and the Slack integration.

After installing and configuring the CLI, execute the command:

edr monitor

The command will use the provided connection profile to access the data warehouse, read from the Elementary tables, and send informative alerts to Slack.

New Slack alert format