Elementary overview
Our goal is to provide data teams immediate visibility, detection of data issues, and impact analysis. We focus on simple effortless setup, and integrations with the existing stack.
(Not a dbt user? you can still use Elementary, reach out to us on Slack and we will help).
Data monitoring as dbt tests Set up monitoring for your warehouse in minutes, collect data quality metrics and detect data issues before your users do.
Data monitoring includes a dbt package and the edr CLI for slack integration.
Data lineage made simple, reliable, and automated
Tracing the actual upstream & downstream dependencies in the data warehouse, without any implementation efforts or security risks.
Data lineage is operated with the edr CLI and creates a browser visualization.
dbt artifacts uploader
Monitor the operations of your dbt easily. Collect dbt artifacts, run and test results as part of your runs.
The dbt artifacts uploader is included in the dbt package.
Slack alerts Get notifications on data issues, schema changes, jobs and tests failures.
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