Signup to Elementary cloud

Anyone can signup to Elementary Cloud via Google SSO or by creating an account.

If you are interested in advanced authentication such as MFA, Okta SSO, Microsoft AD - please contact us at

Create your first environment

When you first login to Elementary cloud, it will not have any data.

You will be forwarded directly to the environments screen to create your first environment. Press Create environment, and provide an environment name:

Connect data warehouse

You can connect Elementary to a data warehouse that has an Elementary schema (created by the Elementary dbt package).

Elementary Cloud needs:

  • Read permissions to the Elementary schema (and not the rest of your data)
  • Network access (might require to allowlist Elementary IP address)

Which data warehouse do you wish to connect?

Allowlist Elementary IP

Elementary IP for allowlist:

Need help with onboarding?

We can provide support on Slack or hop on an onboarding call.

What happens now?

Once Elementary Cloud successfully connects to you data warehouse, it will start syncing data from the Elementary schema to cloud. This data includes tests results, run results, metadata and configuration. If you see data in the Elementary Dashboard you completed your connection (Congrats! 🎉).

The syncs happen by default once an hour, but you can also configure a triggered sync to get a near real time experience.

What’s next?

  1. Invite your team to Elementary cloud 👥
  2. Connect Slack for alerting 🔔
  3. Connect your code repository to add tests configuration from the cloud 🔌
  4. Connect your BI tool to automatically extend the lineage to dashboards as exposures 🚀