- name: this_is_a_model
      - elementary.volume_anomalies:
          anomaly_direction: drop

      - elementary.all_columns_anomalies:
            - null_count
            - missing_count
            - zero_count
          anomaly_direction: spike

anomaly_direction: both | spike | drop

By default, data points are compared to the expected range and check if these are below or above it. For some data monitors, you might only want to flag anomalies if they are above the range and not under it, and vice versa. For example - when monitoring for freshness, we only want to detect data delays and not data that is “early”. The anomaly_direction configuration is used to configure the direction of the expected range, and can be set to both, spike or drop.

  • Default: both
  • Supported values: both, spike, drop
  • Relevant tests: All anomaly detection tests
anomaly_direction change impact

anomaly_direction change impact