- name: this_is_a_model
      - elementary.volume_anomalies:
          anomaly_sensitivity: 2.5

      - elementary.all_columns_anomalies:
            - null_count
            - missing_count
            - zero_count
          anomaly_sensitivity: 4

anomaly_sensitivity: [int]

Configuration to define how the expected range is calculated. A sensitivity of 3 means that the expected range is within 3 standard deviations from the average of the training set. Smaller sensitivity means this range will be reduced and more values will be potentially flagged as anomalies. Larger values will have the opposite effect and will reduce the number of anomalies as the expected range will be larger.

  • Default: 3
  • Relevant tests: All anomaly detection tests
anomaly_sensitivity change impact

anomaly_sensitivity change impact