- name: this_is_a_model
      - elementary.event_timestamp_column:
          event_timestamp_column: "event_timestamp"
          update_timestamp_column: "created_at"

event_timestamp_column: [column name]

Configuration for the test event_freshness_anomalies. This test compliments the freshness_anomalies test and is primarily intended for data that is updated in a continuous / streaming fashion.

The test can work in a couple of modes:

  • If only an event_timestamp_column is supplied, the test measures over time the difference between the current timestamp (“now”) and the most recent event timestamp.

  • If both an event_timestamp_column and an update_timestamp_column are provided, the test will measure over time the difference between these two columns.

  • Default: None

  • Relevant tests: event_freshness_anomalies

  • Configuration level: test