In order to allow Elementary to continuously generate dbt exposures from Looker you will need to setup the following integrations:

  1. Connect Looker - Elementary will continuously connect to Looker to extract metadata.
  2. Connect dbt project code repository - Elementary will open a pull request to add exposures to your dbt project.

Connect Looker

Create permission set and role

To follow the least privilege security principle, before creating user for Elementary, create a permission set that allows to do only what is needed for Elementary to work.

  • Create a Permission Set

    1. In Looker, go to Admin > Roles. Click “New Permission Set”.
    2. Name the Permission Set “Elementary permissions” and check the boxes for the following permissions:
      • access_data
      • see_lookml_dashboards
      • see_looks
        • see_user_dashboards
        • see_sql
        • see_lookml
  • Create a role

    1. Click “New Role”.
    2. Name the role “Elementary Role” as well.
    3. Select the ”Elementary permissions” permission set
    4. Create the role.

Create a dedicated Elementary Looker user

In Looker, go to Admin > Users.

  1. Click Add Users. Provide any email you want.
  2. Under Roles, check “Elementary Role”.
  3. Click Done.

Create an API key for the user

  1. Find the user you just created and click Edit.
  2. You can give this user a name like Elementary.
  3. Under API Keys, click Edit Keys.
  4. Generate a new API key by clicking New API Key.
  5. Copy down the client ID and client secret.

Connecting Looker to Elementary

Navigate to the Account settings > Environments and choose the environment to which you would like to connect Looker. Choose the Looker BI connection and provide the following details to validate and complete the integration.

  • Host URL: Copy and paste the URL you see when you visit the homepage of your Looker instance. e.g.
  • Client ID: The client ID you generated on Looker.
  • Client secret: The client secret you generated on Looker.
  • LookML code repository:
    • Token
    • Repository - The repository name where your LookML code is.
Connect Looker to Elementary environment

Connect Looker to Elementary environment

Connect dbt project code repository

To allow Elementary to open pull requests to add exposures to your dbt project, follow the relevant guide according to your code repository provider: