Elementary’s Slack integration enables sending Slack alerts when data issues happen.

The alerts include rich context, and you can change the incident status and asssigne from the alert itself. You can also create alert rules to distribute alerts to different channels and destinations.

Slack alert screenshot

Enabling Slack alerts

  1. Go to the Environments page on the sidebar.
  2. Select an environment and click connect on the Connect messaging app card (first card), and select Slack.
Connect messaging app
  1. Authorize the Elementary app for your workspace. This step may require a workspace admin approval.
Select Slack channel and alert suppression
  1. Select a default channel for alerts, and set the suppression interval.

The default channel you select will automatically add a default alert rule to sends all failures to this channel. Alerts on warnings are not sent by default. To modify and add tules, navigate to Alert Rules page.

Select Slack channel and alert suppression

Alerts to private channels

If the channel you want to send alerts to is private (🔒), it will not appear in the channels dropdown on the onboarding or the alert rules screen.

You will need to invite the Elementary bot to the private channel by typing @Elementary in the channel and clicking to invite the bot in, and then it will appear in the UI.

Add Elementary to private channel